Velcro Companies has set itself the task of creating an ethical and values-based culture. Among other things, such a culture depends on each colleague’s confidence in expressing concerns confidentially, anonymously and without fear or retaliation.

If you become aware of or suspect a violation of the Velcro Companies Code of Conduct or any other company policy or fraudulent activity or harassment against you or any other colleague, report it to your supervisor, manager or a local Human Resources representative immediately. If you are uncomfortable, you can use the anonymous Velcro Companies Compliance Hotline provided by a third party. You can report your concerns anonymously and without fear of reprisal.

The hotline offers you two easy ways to report problems anonymously. Both hotlines are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

1. You can also report concerns to the Compliance Hotline via the Internet . You can view the report form in your preferred language, or:

2. Report concerns by phone to a toll-free number:

United States: (800) 461-9330 Germany: (800) 1777-9999
Canada: (800) 461-9330 Italy: (800) 1777-9999
Mexico: 001 (866) 376-0139 Belgium: (800) 1777-9999
Brazil: 0021 (800) 1777-9999 Netherlands: (800) 1777-9999
Uruguay: 001 (720) 514-4400 * Poland: (800) 116-3819
United Kingdom: (800) 1777-9999 China: (800) 1777-9999 / (400) 120-3062
France: (800) 1777-9999 Hong Kong: 001 (800) 1777-9999
Spain: (800) 1777-9999 Australia: 0011 (800) 1777-9999

* Local fees may apply.

Once your request has been received, it will be promptly submitted to the Compliance Governance Committee (GGC) for review. The CGC consists of our Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Vice President of Human Resources, General Counsel and myself.

You will also receive a confidential access number for the report and will be asked to provide a personal password and a security question. You can use the access number and password at any time to check the status of your message on the Hotline website and to send and receive anonymous messages about your message. If you have provided an email address, you will also receive email notifications when the status of the report is updated.

We encourage you to report violations of our Code of Conduct and other company policies, fraudulent activity, or incidents of harassment that you become aware of.